Cafferty Exposes Palin


It’s funny how the media has done nothing but praise Sarah Palin for her charisma and charm ever since her speech at the Republican Convention.  She has become the spotlighted celebrity of the Republican party.  Don’t you think that it is a little ironic and hypocritical of them?  When remarks such as “he is too Hollywood for us” were directed at Obama’s character in the past.  Jeff Caverty of CNN finally does what many of us rational level-headed people have been saying/thinking all along… exposing this dumb broad for her lack of experience, knowledge, backwards way of thinking, credibility etc etc.

And to think, there are people still defending this crap.  Just check out some of the comments left on the Youtube page.  This would never happen or be allowed to happen on Fox News by the way…


One Response to “Cafferty Exposes Palin”

  1. mdotdub Says:

    I don’t know about everyone else but after watching the first presidential debate (yeah, I watched it), and seeing this…..I CANNOT WAIT to vote for Obama on election day.

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