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The Ultimate Psycho

August 17, 2008

Hey fellow wolves.  First off, I would like to give props to Tan for the hats….well done, my friend.  Now, as some of you may know, I am a wrestling fan and have been since I was a wee wolf.  One of my favorite wrestlers when I was younger was the Ultimate Warrior.  Now, it is quite obvious that this man was on several amounts of steroids.  Not only because of his size, but also because (as you will see in these videos) of his psychotic behavior.  I was bored the other day and was searching some random things that popped into my head on youtube and came across these videos.  These are some old promos that the Ultimate Warrior did when he was the man in the WWF.  This dude is the craziest man to ever walk the face of the earth.  LOAD THE SPACESHIP WITH THE ROCKET FUEL!!

He doesn’t come on until about 1:15, so fast forward (also, peep HonkyTonk Man at the beginning lmao)…

And this is just a compilation of his crazy antics over the years…



My First Post

May 18, 2008

Ok so, I have been a member of this blog for a while now and haven’t posted a darn thing.  This is mainly because I’m real lame and have nothing interesting to talk about.  But today that has changed.  I was sitting in my room, bored as usual, and came across this video on youtube.  I felt that I had to share this with you guys because this is absolutely hilarious and ridiculous at the same time.  This woman is out of her damn mind.  The fact that she thinks it’s okay to behave this way is unbelievable.  But listen to what she is saying….these damn southern rappers got people “actin a fool.”  I mean what kind of crackhead tries to fight an old lady on a train?!?  I don’t know, I guess I’m done ranting about this crazy broad, just watch and enjoy.