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…And Ya Don’t Stop

October 4, 2008


If you didn’t know, now ya know.


Chris Rock on Larry King

September 27, 2008

Chris Rock on Larry King

I highly suggest you watch the above interview.  I linked it so it will open a new window since this is directly from CNN and I haven’t figure out to rewrite the code so it works in this blog.  This was before last night’s debate but still relates to current affairs.  So, take a watch and catch Kill the Messenger tonight on HBO.

The Olympics are Over

August 25, 2008

What better time to make my “come back” post, than immediately after the 2008 Olympic games?

Yes, I watched them.  Not all of them of course.  Due to the location of the events, some of the good stuff doesn’t come on until way past my bedtime.  And I need to work in the morning, so I can’t stay up to watch sports I’ve never heard of (water polo) nor did I ever know was an Olympic sport.  (Table tennis?)

Water polo.  This looks like a cross breed of soccer, volleyball and swimming.  I guess you can say handball and swimming, but still…  This was a sport I had a hard time following.  I disliked the men’s uniform, or lack thereof.  I much preferred woman’s beach volleyball.  The U.S. properly kicked all the other women quite nicely as well as looking good doing it.  I must say, before I start having crushes on some athletes, I like to check their ages first.  Some of them are super cute, because they are super young…  So that’s just a warning.

And I didn’t know what all the hoopla was about over this dude Phelps…  Until I saw him swim.  He was something totally amazing to watch.  I say congrats to that swimming freak of nature.  The Redeem Team?  I only watched a couple games but wow, did they hurt some countries.  I also just loved how these big names went out and supported their countrymen in other events.  Seeing Kobe support Phelps and all that stuff.  Makes you feel all warm and gushy inside.  Okay, it ain’t that deep.

This isn’t a review of the Olympics.  More of a reflection.  Kinda sad it’s over.  I liked knowing I had at least 1 of 5 channels to turn to and see some crazy event.  I liked watching fencing too.  But now that’s over too.  Time to get ready for TV’s new fall season.  I’ll be right there picking out which show isn’t going to make it next year, or even til November.  Too bad really.  Oh well.

On a completely unrelated note– anyone hear about the new working at home craze?  Guess who officially starts doing that starting tomorrow?  All I can say is, “Enjoy that morning traffic, buying gas, and just having to leave the house at all.”  That’s all.  Oh yeah, and “Woot!”

USA took home 110 medals.  China had the most gold, but we had the most altogether.  2012, my brother-in-law and I are going to compete in the race-walk.  Remind me to post a video next time… or just look it up… it’s hilarious.  But we will do the pimped out version because we can’t be doing all that swishing.  Anyway, GO USA!  2010 is the Winter Olympics.  Not as much fun, but still worth the TV coverage.


August 9, 2008

These past few months I had been keeping up on a couple TV shows called Wipeout and I Survived A Japanese Gameshow.  To make a long story short, these programs aren’t what I expected at first.  I really didn’t know what Wipeout was about really, but after the first episode, I was hooked.  If you’ve seen Most Extreme Challenge and Ninja Warrior, that’s what this show is sort’ve about.  The first 40 minutes, hilarious.  Then the real games begin as the people left on the show must compete on a seriously challenging course.  Winner gets a cool $50K.

I Survived a blah-blah isn’t what I expected.  I wanted those crazy Japanese shows I see on G4 and YouTube with insanity galore.  Did I get that?  Partially.  There was major drama involved.  It’s a known fact I’m pretty biased against reality TV.  I’m very picky.  There needs to be a point or some real reason why I’m watching the show.  Are they hunting ghosts?  Are they busting myths?  Are they building someone a brand new house?  (Okay, that was only one time.)  But I like watching real people do things because they love doing them, not for the love of money as a reward, and I don’t want to be involved in their lives.  THAT’S what this show was doing.  I spotted it as soon as the intro came on and showed the “stars” of the show.  I watched for a few weeks before I lost complete interest.  I don’t need another elimination show to keep track of.  Actually, I don’t keep track of any of them.  Sorry, it’s not for me.  Maybe because I’m a writer?  I like scripts.  Unless it’s improv.  That’s different.  Whose Line is it Anyway? anyone?

Overall, I hope to see Wipeout return next summer.  The big thing about that show is the big balls.  Last I checked, they streamline the show on  Anyway, according to my Entertainment Weeklys, this show stayed on the 10 most watched show of the week for the past few weeks.  So that’s saying something.  It gave me something to do on boring Tuesday nights with no hot dates.  Watch tons of people bounce on big red balls, get punched by a wall, and fall in thick mud and muddy water.  Good times indeed!

Movie of the Moment: This Film Is Not Yet Rated

July 19, 2008

This time around, I’m going to let YouTube do most of the talking.  I saw this movie about a month ago and I haven’t foggiest why I haven’t made this a movie of the moment.  Future filmmakers and movie watchers take notice, this one’s for you.

But that’s not all… someone took one of the beginning clips of the movie and posted that too.  It’s a real attention grabber to something you sort’ve already knew about.

What this documentary is out to prove is that the MPAA is biased against independent films and sex scenes in films with many examples.  It really makes you think about why a movie is rated the way it was and what were they thinking at the time…  And some movies you wonder how it slipped by the radar (Monster’s Ball anyone???). 

Unfortunately, the only way I’m aware that you can see this movie is through Netflix.  If it’s for sale, it’s definitely one I’d buy.  You best believe it’s not for the kiddies or faint of heart.  There’s lots of nudity and dirty language galore, but its hilarious at the same time.  So if you have Netflix, put that on the list.  In the meantime, I found that someone uploaded the movie on YouTube in 10 parts, about 10 minutes each.  So go education and entertain yourself if you don’t have Netflix.

Wiffle Battle? Really??

July 16, 2008

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a whole neighborhood battle going on in Greenwich, CT.  Not gangs or guns or drugs or prostitution or dance crews, nope, this is a battle over wiffle ball.  Wiffle.  Ball.

More specifically, there was an empty lot that some neighborhood kids decided to convert into a wiffle ball field where the local youth could come play a random game with the plastic toys.  But this caused a problem to the local townsfolk that live in that neighborhood who angrily declare “Not in my backyard!”  Which actually isn’t due to zoning laws.  And that’s one of the issues that the locals are using against these teens.

I can’t believe they are complaining against this when there are far more worse things these kids could be doing.  Gangs, drugs, prostitution, dance crews… you name it!  Granted, this is in the middle of Suburbia, White USA, but still…  And if you wanna get into a land discussion…  If it’s not being used, why complain?  Build a house or a small shack to house… I dunno… fireworks.  Yeah, that makes just about as much sense, right?

Obviously you can tell whose side I’m on.  I wouldn’t have brought it up…  But I heard this has made NATIONAL headlines.  Really?  People in L.A. know what’s going on in our tiny state?  I also wonder if this would make ANY news at all if this happened in like… Bridgeport, New Haven, or maybe Madison, Meriden, Middletown, or, dare I say it, Sterling, CT?  I’m just saying.  This state isn’t having a good rep lately…  Just a few weeks ago we had that now infamous hit-and-run caught on CCTV in Hartford.  How’s that coming along, by the way?  On the subject of cameras, briefly, to the crooks and criminal present and future: stop it.  The first 5 minutes of the news feature pictures of robbers caught on tape, some captured, some will be tomorrow.  C’mon now, it’s 2008.  Let’s get it together and play wiffle ball!

Bad News, Good News, Hulu

July 3, 2008

I always like to hear the bad news first to get it out of the way, then the good news.  Sometimes it doesn’t always work out because chronolically, it might not matter.  For example:  Bad news–your car exploded today.  Good news–you just got great detail work on it yesterday.  Sucks, huh? 

Anyway, the bad news I didn’t want to dwell on because that stuff will only get you depressed the more you read, listen, watch and think about it UNLESS you are doing something about it.  Unfortunately, the things that have been done (12-year-old girl found dead in Vermont, ignored woman dies in hospital waiting room) you can’t change but can only hope and pray it doesn’t happen again. 

As for good news, a murder has been caught in Illinois. (By the way, the “s” is silent… sorry, just a pet peeve.  And so is the last “s” in Arkansas.) The murder killed about 8 people… some with an axe.  The sex offender who kidnapped the 12-year-old girl is also in custody.  I’m emotionally affected by these crimes because some of my best friends have been molested.  However, I can’t say if I think the death penalty is fitting.  Maybe life in prison would be better.  Let the fathers in jail have their way with the offender.  But the fact one more is in jail is good news.  The big breaking story on CNN at the moment is 15 hostaged were rescued from a rebel group in Columbia, 3 of which are American.  The shocking part is they had been hostages for 5 years or more. 

There’s political news too, but I’ve had my fill and have been taking the week off.  Plus I don’t want to be another blogger yappin’ my fingers off about what some other blogger said or saying something that’s been said already.  I will say that I think it’s silly about the fuss people make about lapel flag pins and patriotism.

The big thing right now that I’m excited about has been out for a while now…  But sometimes, I’m a little slow. is something amazing.  I think of it as a cross breed hybrid of YouTube and Netflix (instant watch).  High quality video of some of your favorite TV shows and a decent collection of movies.  No membership required!  Just look for something you want to watch, and hit play.  What I like about this site is it’s abundance of SNL clips. edits them down.  Here, you get the whole thing sketch.  They have the full screen feature, and if you don’t want that, they have an awesome “turn the lights down” feature.  It’s nothing big, but I found it cool.  I haven’t watched any of the movies yet, but soon enough.

I don’t have a Movie of the Moment right now.  If I were to pick one, it’d be Gone Baby Gone due to the Vermont story I spoke of earlier.  Not a movie for happy times, but Michelle Monaghan is hot.  You’ve seen her also in Mission Impossible: III, The Heartbreak Kid.  She looks like Liv Tyler.  But I just have a thing for brunettes and light eyes.  Look her up.

Michelle Monoghan

I don’t like country music but…

June 27, 2008

If you haven’t seen this, you probably heard about it.  And if you haven’t heard about it, now you know.

It’s all over the Internet (although I’m just finding out about it now) but the story goes some rowdy fan was getting aggressive by the stage, and at some point grabbed a woman’s hair and hit/punched her sister.  Good ol’ boy Tim McGraw saw this from the stage and decided to do something about it, calling upon security to take him out.  They didn’t get there fast enough so he pulled him up on the stage by the man’s belt, and at one point was ready to punch him in the face.

I may not care for his music, but he gets a massive amount of respect from me.  I just love how goes right back to performing… “I don’t want no trouble…”  I dunno if that was planned or not, but c’mon, that’s awesome.

Movie of the Moment: Akira

June 20, 2008

So it took me a long time to finally get around to seeing this movie which is one of the coolest movies I’ve seen in a while.  That isn’t saying much since I think a lot of the movies I’ve recently seen are pretty cool, but the point is, this has been around for almost as long as I’ve been alive and it’s taken me this long to finally see it, I wish I had seen it sooner.

But alas, better late than never, right?  Akira which, according to the English dub I watched is pronounced like A-kee-da, is about 2 best friends who are in a motorcycle gang in the future in Neo-Tokyo.  Well one of the friends has an accident and is taken to a hospital because of a condition he doesn’t know of.  The other friend eventually tries to get him out while also trying to go out with a revolutionary girl he meets in jail.  Meanwhile his friend in the hospital develops psycho-kinetic powers, which is why he was kept in the hospital in the first place.  His powers get stronger and out of control, and his best friend becomes him enemy because he tries to stop him…  or was he an enemy all along?

This movie finally became of interest to me once I realized it was the inspiration for Kanye West’s “Stronger” video, which is personally, one of my favorite videos (I dig Hype Williams and his use of colors).  Now after seeing the movie, it sort’ve gives the song another meaning… especially after watching the video another time.  Now I’m sure this song was overplayed…  Again, I don’t listen to the radio often, but I found a video that actually mashed both Kanye’s video and the movie together.  I had a lot to choose from but I liked this one best.  By all means, watch this movie if you ever get the chance.  Rumor has it that in 2009, we’ll get to see a live version of Akira and I don’t like to get hyped up… but I am.

Remember when…

June 17, 2008

I’ve been surfing YouTube and RetroJunk for the past few weeks and have great things to share to bring back some serious nostalgia that will make you cry with memories, or your head hurt because it felt like yesterday and you thought it was cool at the time.  And hey, if you still like it today, then it still is cool.  Who can really say what is cool or not?

I’ve found that a lot of people agree with me this show on VH1 was cool.  This is yet another unfortunate channel that used to play music.  [Ahem MTV, BET…]  But here’s 2 birds with 1 video.

I will be honest with you, I hate this song with a passion.  I want to believe that this music video was destroyed back when MTV had a lamest-videos marathon and they smashed the tapes to never be played again.  They need to do another show like that.  And they need to bring back Pop Up Video, because that’s a show for angry people like myself that loves to lampoon absurdity.    Not that I’m tryin’ to start beef or anything, but I’d like to take a sledgehammer to a Soulja Boy video.  And to think, I thought OMC was bad at the time. 12-13 years later, “bad” has a new tune.  How bizarre.

(Fortunately, according to Wikipedia, reruns of Pop Up Video are on VH1 Classic, which is a channel I think I have.  Sweet.)

Run that by me again…

June 4, 2008

I don’t post many videos…  But I hope to change that for the blogs that I post to.  Plus it saves me from typing so much.  I don’t complain, I’m trying to make a career out of it…

Anyway, I don’t remember how I came across this (actually I do, it involved card-throwing… that’s another post for another day), but I remember actually seeing this guy years ago when this show used to come on, and I remember seeing it “live” (I don’t remember if the show was aired live, but I think it was, I could be wrong).  Why it’s in another language, I can’t say.  You know how youtube does things…

Yeah, so something happened and the record wasn’t truly set or something…  I don’t really know.  But he eventually did it a second time.  Then somebody claimed they had a record and he had to prove them wrong yet again. 

Oh that’s right…  THIS!  (This is his 3rd and apparently he still holds the record.)

Can’t hate too much on him though…  However, as much as he sounds like he’s in fast forward, his normal non-record-breaking music is better played in fast forward.  But that’s just my opinion.

Eat The Dream, Nation!

May 27, 2008

This isn’t that “new!” anymore, but I finally got around to trying this yesterday and I must say, it ranks pretty high on my favorite Ben & Jerry’s…  Each spoonful has so much euphoria that I started frightening people around me with my happy glow and giggles.  It wore off, but I became extremely depressed when I hit the bottom.

I recommend trying this deliciousness before I buy them all up to stock up my freezer for the summer.  Who knows if ice cream prices will start to suffer the dreaded inflation.  Probably.  Oh well, there’s still Kool-Aid, ice trays, tooth picks and plastic wrap.  (Doesn’t compare at all, but it’s free…ish.)

And yes, this is also a subtle plug to watch The Colbert Report.  He makes our nation and it’s future a little less… I dunno… bleak.  Tune in Comedy Central @ 11:30pm… and reruns in the morning.  I think…

Summertime Means Summer Blockbusters

May 22, 2008

I too have been away from… well… the Internet.  Reasons being from a weekend getaway (for my parents), me staying out of the house for the weekend, and not having Internet access at home for about 2 days because someone forgot to pay the cable bill. 

Anyway, here I am, and I’m trying to catch up on all blogs I write to.  Fortunately I’m able to email my other blog from work… but this is what’s call a shameless plug.  I don’t feel like being political or socially aware right now, so let’s talk movies.

‘Tis time for the summer movies to begin rolling in.  And I am going to try my best to stay on top of the most anticipated movies coming out.  I haven’t seen Speed Racer but I wanted to, just because I’m a fan of eye candy.  However, I heard that’s pretty much all it was.  Then again, depending on who you talk to, that’s all the Matrix sequels were.  Depending who you talk to.

I did get to see Iron Man which I have yet to post my review on MySpace (another shameless plug) and I give that movie 5 askerisks and could some up that movie in one word: fun.  I can’t say if it’s worth six flags of fun… but it is a great movie for both comic book fans and those who have no clue who Iron Man is.  And c’mon, it’s Robert Downey, Jr…  He’s just an interesting guy on his own.

The next movie I hope to see within the week (and will be playing in select theaters a minute after midnight) is Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skulls.  I just want to say that I’m upset that they used the crystal skulls because I was working on my own adventure flick concerning them.  NOW it’ll sound like a knock-off, unless I really make this story unique.  Back to the drawing board I guess.  Or notepad.  Anyway, I still want to see this movie.  I love a good adventure.  Plus I’ve been waiting for the past 2 years when I first heard about the production.  And some filmming was done over at Yale, just some trivia to throw around, maybe sound pretentious.

Speaking of random pretentious trivia… do you know why they call them blockbusters?  Back in olden times, with Ye Olde Cinemahouse, after a movie’s debut turned in a large profit, they’d break open blocks that contained more tickets that they expected to sell the following days to come.

I lied.  That’s not true.  It really started back when popular plays would outsell other theaters on a block, or neighborhood, making them go broke, hence the play busted the block.  Now you know.  Go spread the word.  I’ll keep you posted on this summer’s biggest hits, and misses… as well as the random bits inbetween.  Meanwhile, go check out Iron Man if you haven’t already… or see it again.  I might.

Time is at Hand for the World and R. Kelly

May 14, 2008
I don’t want to sound religious, even thought most people know that I am…  But the wrath of God is definitely at hand.
The past few weeks have seen more death than I can remember in the mere 22 years I’ve been alive, and probably 12 of which I’ve actually been socially conscious.  From Myanmar’s cyclone killing 100,000+, to the rising Chinese’s earthquake death toll (as of 9pm) 12,000+ and probably 100 more or less in U.S. with the tornadoes.  There are a bunch of other events going on, but those are man made, like Florida’s fires or the terrorists acts that unfortunately seem so commonplace, but still take so many lives of innocent people.
With all this tragedy, those who are safe should thank God, or your lucky stars… whatever you do, and be thankful you are safe.  Yeah, we still have a lot of issues, but at least we are alive.  It seems like a faceless number of 200,000 (guessing a number) but it changes if a tragic event happened a mile from your home town, or your own home.
In less depressing news, jury selection has begun on R. Kelly’s trial.  Something that should’ve been done like 6 years ago.  This humors me because he claims it’s not him on the tape.  I saw the tape.  He must have a look-a-like somewhere.  They better find the look-a-like or Kelly’s new album this summer might be the last album we hear for a long time.  Well, other than the “unreleased” songs they’ll surely put out.  Hmmm…  Where is my Boondocks DVD?  (The Trial of R. Kelly)  Not that I’m trying to impose my opinion of R. Kelly, but I’ve lost respect for him over the years as an artist, and as a person, according to media’s portrayal of him.  But hey, that’s just me.  There are a couple singles I like, but not enough to get me to wear a “Free R. Kelly” t-shirt.

1 Kilohit, and counting

May 1, 2008

I’d just like to give a rowdy “woo-hoo” and “that’s what’s up” and all that celebratory for this blog getting it’s 1000th hit.  I can’t say that I’ve ever been apart of something like that…  Other than the recent new millennium celebrations a little over 8 years ago.  “Millennium” sounds a lot like “million.”  What happened to kilos?  Oh well.  But they they are counting in metrics.  Still, why isn’t it a millury?  Or a millade?  Now that sounds like a drink.  With a thousand electrolytes!  Or whatever the top competition has, but x1000.  Throw a disclaimer on there:  “May cause death by involuntary self-explosion, maybe.”  If anyone steals it, beware.  I have proof via this blog… and I’ve already went way off topic.

I’m just commenting and congratulating and also thanking the founders of the pack for allowing me to contribute my blatherings.  ‘Tis a good way to bring in May.

If i remember correctly, someone was going to celebrate this milestone, or milleblog (its not working… considering “blog” is already a combined word)…  I’m celebrating too by enjoying delicious, and also buring hot, chicken quesadillas and mozzarella sticks.  I love cheese.  And I don’t drink.  Well, only when I’m thirsty.  Anyway, here’s to another thousand hits, or nine thousand.