Adam Spizak


Being an artist myself, I am always intrigued with other people’s works.  It’s crazy how far the human mind can take you when you just let yourself go and express yourself whether it be through painting, drawing, skating, writing, or even singing.  Whatever media it is that you may choose, expressing your ideas is such a wonderful thing.

With this blog, I plan on implementing a little art culture into the mix.  A while back I introduced you guys to an artist by the name of Greg “Crayola” Simkins.  Well this time around I’d like you to meet Adam Spizak.  After discovering some of his works while surfing the net the other day I found myself in awe.  The following pieces speak for themselves…

Creating beautful illustrations and paintings, Polish artist Adam Spizak has gained momentum due to his supernatural meets mother nature style. With a cornucopia of colors and endless inspirations, most of Spizaks pieces take the viewer on a journey to the unknown. Working with various media, Spizak has done work for numerous players in the industry including advertising, web and graphic works. His website can be seen here.



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