The Wolves Are Back In Town!


Wow!  It’s been close to a month now since the last post on this blog and I must say, I have missed it very much.  Since then, school has started back up and it’s been somewhat overwhelming for me.  All these business-based classes are giving me a run for my money, literally.  I haven’t had much time to make posts and talk about random senseless stuff, but from this point on I promise to do my best to keep the movement moving! Owwww!

Anyways, whilst surfing the web today I came upon an amazing discovery.  Something that I have always wanted to do, but never had the resources or capital to.  I feel as if I’ve found my long lost son that I never never knew existed.  What could be better than an ill clothing brand that’s themed around WOLVES and family?  I present to you Raised by Wolves.

In historic folklore, children raised by wolves were often gifted with characteristics of superior strength, intelligence and morals including Rome-founders Romulus and Remus and Mowgli, king of the jungle. This concept forms the base of new brand Raised by Wolves as they set forth in a small debut collection emphasizing a strong set of values revolving around a family-like setting. Their 2008 fall collection is led by a tee with Mishka based on old Soviet propaganda as well as a set of accessories utilizing the expertise of both Estate LA and a leading Canadian knitwear company. The Canadian element is not something Raised by Wolves will shy away from as the brand looks to provide many Canadian-relevant themes down the line. The tees are available now at while the hats are set to arrive at a later date. (via

Those beanies are copped!


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