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Cafferty Exposes Palin

September 29, 2008

It’s funny how the media has done nothing but praise Sarah Palin for her charisma and charm ever since her speech at the Republican Convention.  She has become the spotlighted celebrity of the Republican party.  Don’t you think that it is a little ironic and hypocritical of them?  When remarks such as “he is too Hollywood for us” were directed at Obama’s character in the past.  Jeff Caverty of CNN finally does what many of us rational level-headed people have been saying/thinking all along… exposing this dumb broad for her lack of experience, knowledge, backwards way of thinking, credibility etc etc.

And to think, there are people still defending this crap.  Just check out some of the comments left on the Youtube page.  This would never happen or be allowed to happen on Fox News by the way…


We Can Do It

September 28, 2008

“ayo McCaine…  get the &%^$@ outta here!”

Chris Rock on Larry King

September 27, 2008

Chris Rock on Larry King

I highly suggest you watch the above interview.  I linked it so it will open a new window since this is directly from CNN and I haven’t figure out to rewrite the code so it works in this blog.  This was before last night’s debate but still relates to current affairs.  So, take a watch and catch Kill the Messenger tonight on HBO.

Adam Spizak

September 26, 2008

Being an artist myself, I am always intrigued with other people’s works.  It’s crazy how far the human mind can take you when you just let yourself go and express yourself whether it be through painting, drawing, skating, writing, or even singing.  Whatever media it is that you may choose, expressing your ideas is such a wonderful thing.

With this blog, I plan on implementing a little art culture into the mix.  A while back I introduced you guys to an artist by the name of Greg “Crayola” Simkins.  Well this time around I’d like you to meet Adam Spizak.  After discovering some of his works while surfing the net the other day I found myself in awe.  The following pieces speak for themselves…

Creating beautful illustrations and paintings, Polish artist Adam Spizak has gained momentum due to his supernatural meets mother nature style. With a cornucopia of colors and endless inspirations, most of Spizaks pieces take the viewer on a journey to the unknown. Working with various media, Spizak has done work for numerous players in the industry including advertising, web and graphic works. His website can be seen here.



September 24, 2008

I’m not sure if any of you have heard the news about DJ AM and Travis Barker?  Well, they were flying in a jet that ended up crashing in Columbia, South Carolina, killing a couple passengers and putting DJ AM and Travis into critical condition.  I have known DJ AM over the many years (not personally) from being a part of the Niketalk community.  He was always a cool dude and had the sickest shoe collection.  It also didn’t help that he was an amazing DJ, performing at crazy lavish parties in LA and Vegas.  Throw in the fact that he was dating Nichole Richie and you have quite the resume.  Travis Barker on the other hand I was not always too fond of nor do I know much about.  But I do know that he is a great drummer.  You might have seen them performing side by side at the MTV Video Music Awards.  I’m not up to date as of their current condition, but I just wanted to make this post to show my support for these 2 dudes and I hope that they make it out alright.  Things will happen in our lives that we could never prepare for, but let’s just try to prepare for the worst, and pray for the best.

Watch below as DJ AM rips apart the 1’s and 2’s and Travis Barker punishes the drums.

The Wolves Are Back In Town!

September 23, 2008

Wow!  It’s been close to a month now since the last post on this blog and I must say, I have missed it very much.  Since then, school has started back up and it’s been somewhat overwhelming for me.  All these business-based classes are giving me a run for my money, literally.  I haven’t had much time to make posts and talk about random senseless stuff, but from this point on I promise to do my best to keep the movement moving! Owwww!

Anyways, whilst surfing the web today I came upon an amazing discovery.  Something that I have always wanted to do, but never had the resources or capital to.  I feel as if I’ve found my long lost son that I never never knew existed.  What could be better than an ill clothing brand that’s themed around WOLVES and family?  I present to you Raised by Wolves.

In historic folklore, children raised by wolves were often gifted with characteristics of superior strength, intelligence and morals including Rome-founders Romulus and Remus and Mowgli, king of the jungle. This concept forms the base of new brand Raised by Wolves as they set forth in a small debut collection emphasizing a strong set of values revolving around a family-like setting. Their 2008 fall collection is led by a tee with Mishka based on old Soviet propaganda as well as a set of accessories utilizing the expertise of both Estate LA and a leading Canadian knitwear company. The Canadian element is not something Raised by Wolves will shy away from as the brand looks to provide many Canadian-relevant themes down the line. The tees are available now at while the hats are set to arrive at a later date. (via

Those beanies are copped!