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The Olympics are Over

August 25, 2008

What better time to make my “come back” post, than immediately after the 2008 Olympic games?

Yes, I watched them.  Not all of them of course.  Due to the location of the events, some of the good stuff doesn’t come on until way past my bedtime.  And I need to work in the morning, so I can’t stay up to watch sports I’ve never heard of (water polo) nor did I ever know was an Olympic sport.  (Table tennis?)

Water polo.  This looks like a cross breed of soccer, volleyball and swimming.  I guess you can say handball and swimming, but still…  This was a sport I had a hard time following.  I disliked the men’s uniform, or lack thereof.  I much preferred woman’s beach volleyball.  The U.S. properly kicked all the other women quite nicely as well as looking good doing it.  I must say, before I start having crushes on some athletes, I like to check their ages first.  Some of them are super cute, because they are super young…  So that’s just a warning.

And I didn’t know what all the hoopla was about over this dude Phelps…  Until I saw him swim.  He was something totally amazing to watch.  I say congrats to that swimming freak of nature.  The Redeem Team?  I only watched a couple games but wow, did they hurt some countries.  I also just loved how these big names went out and supported their countrymen in other events.  Seeing Kobe support Phelps and all that stuff.  Makes you feel all warm and gushy inside.  Okay, it ain’t that deep.

This isn’t a review of the Olympics.  More of a reflection.  Kinda sad it’s over.  I liked knowing I had at least 1 of 5 channels to turn to and see some crazy event.  I liked watching fencing too.  But now that’s over too.  Time to get ready for TV’s new fall season.  I’ll be right there picking out which show isn’t going to make it next year, or even til November.  Too bad really.  Oh well.

On a completely unrelated note– anyone hear about the new working at home craze?  Guess who officially starts doing that starting tomorrow?  All I can say is, “Enjoy that morning traffic, buying gas, and just having to leave the house at all.”  That’s all.  Oh yeah, and “Woot!”

USA took home 110 medals.  China had the most gold, but we had the most altogether.  2012, my brother-in-law and I are going to compete in the race-walk.  Remind me to post a video next time… or just look it up… it’s hilarious.  But we will do the pimped out version because we can’t be doing all that swishing.  Anyway, GO USA!  2010 is the Winter Olympics.  Not as much fun, but still worth the TV coverage.


Coldplay Got Keys

August 19, 2008

The Coldplay concert in Hartford was great, but if this had happened there I would have peed my pants.  Watch below as Chris Martin brings out the beautiful Alicia Keys to perform “Clocks” while in Japan.


August 18, 2008

More impressive stuff from one of my favorite brands.  Mishka brings more innovation to the game with these sick button ups and  new outerwear!  I’ll be updating this post soon with glimpses of the fall/winter collection when it hits the net.

Mishka present their 2008 fall/winter collection titled Skyway Trippers. Inspired by the notion of intergalactic themes and progressive apparel design, Mishka looks to highlight the collection with their dedication to outerwear. Three pieces lead the way for the Skyway Trippers’ first release, the Spetsnaz Maryak Tech Jacket is a fisherman jacket with strong protection against the elements and over 25 pockets. The Skyway Leather Bomber is a full leather offering with a new contemporary fit with themed badges such as the Skyway Calvary Division and embossed emblem on the back. The Nuts & Bolts Work Jacket completes everything with a heavy-duty cotton twill piece and features plaid as the liner. The Mishka 2008 fall/winter collection will hit stores worldwide soon as well, look for a conceptual breakdown of all the season’s t-shirts each day over at

The Shock Of The Lightning

August 18, 2008


Oasis – The Shock Of The Lightning

The Ultimate Psycho

August 17, 2008

Hey fellow wolves.  First off, I would like to give props to Tan for the hats….well done, my friend.  Now, as some of you may know, I am a wrestling fan and have been since I was a wee wolf.  One of my favorite wrestlers when I was younger was the Ultimate Warrior.  Now, it is quite obvious that this man was on several amounts of steroids.  Not only because of his size, but also because (as you will see in these videos) of his psychotic behavior.  I was bored the other day and was searching some random things that popped into my head on youtube and came across these videos.  These are some old promos that the Ultimate Warrior did when he was the man in the WWF.  This dude is the craziest man to ever walk the face of the earth.  LOAD THE SPACESHIP WITH THE ROCKET FUEL!!

He doesn’t come on until about 1:15, so fast forward (also, peep HonkyTonk Man at the beginning lmao)…

And this is just a compilation of his crazy antics over the years…


What It Do Mayne?

August 17, 2008

I Want These

August 14, 2008

I Want These……..

Airmax with cheese


August 10, 2008

Yeah, the highly anticipated, the myth, the legend, THE BLUEPRINT 3 is on the way!  Rumours first surfaced that Timbaland was going to be producing the whole cd.  Well, it turns out that those rumours were false, thank God.

Mixtape DJ MickBoogie reported that….

While the streets are abuzz with Kanye’s video leak of the “Jockin Jay-Z” intro… Press Play, Fashion Forward has some more information for you on this highly anticipated, top-secret project.

+ Kanye will indeed be producing most, if not all, of the album. Remember back in the day when an artist would do a whole album with one producer for cohesiveness? Think classic Snoop or Jeru with Primo… and fast forward it to 2008.

+ Jay will be leaking the finished version of “Jockin” as soon as he adds a new 3rd verse to the song.

+ Tracks to look for include the aforementioned “Jockin’ Jay-Z” and a new track entitled “Victory” that the rumor mill says is simply amazing.

I can’t wait for this shit to drop!  Check the video below for the first live snippet of the track “Jockin”, performed when Kanye brought Jay out at the Madison Square Garden.


August 9, 2008

These past few months I had been keeping up on a couple TV shows called Wipeout and I Survived A Japanese Gameshow.  To make a long story short, these programs aren’t what I expected at first.  I really didn’t know what Wipeout was about really, but after the first episode, I was hooked.  If you’ve seen Most Extreme Challenge and Ninja Warrior, that’s what this show is sort’ve about.  The first 40 minutes, hilarious.  Then the real games begin as the people left on the show must compete on a seriously challenging course.  Winner gets a cool $50K.

I Survived a blah-blah isn’t what I expected.  I wanted those crazy Japanese shows I see on G4 and YouTube with insanity galore.  Did I get that?  Partially.  There was major drama involved.  It’s a known fact I’m pretty biased against reality TV.  I’m very picky.  There needs to be a point or some real reason why I’m watching the show.  Are they hunting ghosts?  Are they busting myths?  Are they building someone a brand new house?  (Okay, that was only one time.)  But I like watching real people do things because they love doing them, not for the love of money as a reward, and I don’t want to be involved in their lives.  THAT’S what this show was doing.  I spotted it as soon as the intro came on and showed the “stars” of the show.  I watched for a few weeks before I lost complete interest.  I don’t need another elimination show to keep track of.  Actually, I don’t keep track of any of them.  Sorry, it’s not for me.  Maybe because I’m a writer?  I like scripts.  Unless it’s improv.  That’s different.  Whose Line is it Anyway? anyone?

Overall, I hope to see Wipeout return next summer.  The big thing about that show is the big balls.  Last I checked, they streamline the show on  Anyway, according to my Entertainment Weeklys, this show stayed on the 10 most watched show of the week for the past few weeks.  So that’s saying something.  It gave me something to do on boring Tuesday nights with no hot dates.  Watch tons of people bounce on big red balls, get punched by a wall, and fall in thick mud and muddy water.  Good times indeed!


August 7, 2008

It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t of left you, without a cool song to listen to(corny)! First off lets song with a song. After like three minutes, for some reason theres a techno mix or some dumb shit like that, so just turn it off after like 3:15.

The Stone Roses – I Am The Resurrection

As you all might know, I am a huge fan of Oasis. I recently got a hold of the cover of their new album Dig Out Your Soul set to release in October.

Jesus just saved your life……..

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

August 7, 2008


First off, I want to apologize for the long hiatus once again.  This thing has been dead for a minute now due to my lack of motivation to update or make any new posts.  But it’s whatever, I promise we are back and stronger than ever.  A lot has happened since I last posted…. turning 22, Coldplay concert etc.  I want to give a shout out to all the wolves.  Make sure you got your cash right for the Wolves hats that should hopefully be coming in this weekend.  Let’s bring this joint back to a grandiose juncture, ya dig!

So, California street wear/lifestyle brand The Hundreds just released their 2008 Fall look book, and I must say it looks very promising.  I’m definitely looking forward to copping some new threads from them.  Peep some of the standout joints from it below.  Holler!