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Get Grown Son!

May 31, 2008

Many of us have made the big transition into the college world. More freedom. More responsibilities. Less time on our hands. But soon enough, we’ll all be graduates and have to enter the real professional working world. I’m really excited about what kind of money I will/can be making, yet terrified of where or what that money will be coming from. Will I even be able to find a good job in todays unstable economy? Will I even like doing what my major entails? Scary as it is, the step into the professional working world is inevitable.

With that said… Everyone knows the key to looking like a professional is how you present yourself. I can’t stand when people wear unflattering suits that don’t even fit them or their body shape right. GQ has put together a magnificent guide for finding the right fitting suit, no matter what shape or size you are. So use these following tips and don’t let yourself be THAT guy!

A GQ primer for the hard-to-fit


The Short Man

Apolo Ohno: Gold-medal-winning Olympic speed skater, Dancing with the Stars champ

165 lbs

“All the suits I buy have to be tailored, no matter what. But it’s not just because of my height; it’s because I’ve been skating for so long. My waist is very small, but my legs are just huge. Most really nice suitmakers are Italian, and usually they make suit pants for Italian men. I’m like, Those Italians must have pretty skinny legs.”

• Don’t wear a longer suit jacket. It just makes your legs look shorter.
• Don’t wear fat ties and wide lapels; keep it slim.


The 5 Tips Every Short Man Should Know

1) Be honest with yourself. Admit you’re short and buy short-length suits.

2) A pant leg with very little break will help you look taller.

3) Show some cuff to lengthen the look of your arms.

4) A peak lapel helps elongate your physique.

5) A lower button stance creates long lines, and that essentially stretches you out.

Suit, $2,120, by Gucci. Shirt, $250, by Ralph Lauren Black Label. Tie, $210, by Dolce & Gabbana. Shoes, $1,100 by Hermés.


The Tall Man

Raja Bell: Shooting guard, Phoenix Suns

210 lbs

”When I first got into the NBA, I tried to buy a couple of suits off the rack, but they didn’t fit. To get the length I needed, I also got boxiness. They would have to taper the jacket, but then I felt like I had wings under the armpits. So I started going to a tailor. And that’s the key: Pick out a good tailor and just trust him… You want the suit to fit the way you want it to fit, but let him handle the details. That’s what he gets paid to do.”

• Don’t buy suits with oversize, padded shoulders. They swallow you up, making you look frailer, not bigger.
• Don’t wear extra-slim ties. You need ties with a bit of width so they won’t appear to elongate your torso.


The 5 Tips Every Tall Man Should Know

1) Lighter colors add width to a narrow frame.

2) A two-button suit works great on a tall man—as long as the suit has relatively high-cut lapels.

3) Just because you’re tall doesn’t mean you need an extra-long suit size. Try on a long first.

4) Keep the amount of cuff you show to a minimum.

5) Ask for a decent amount of break in your trousers, so your long legs don’t look too long.

Suit, $1,830, by Prada at Barneys New York. Shirt, $640, by Jil Sander at Barneys New York. Tie, $150, by Gucci. Shoes, $315, by Allen-Edmonds.


The Large Man

Horatio Sanz: Actor/comedian, Saturday Night Live alum

250 lbs

“One of the problems I have is with shirts: Getting my neck size to match my body size is difficult, and sometimes the collar is too high, too—I end up feeling choked. With pants, I wear mine a little high, and sometimes they ride up too much or feel like they’re going to fall off if they’re not high enough. Basically, I’ve spent my life trying to avoid wearing suits on a regular basis. The last suit I bought from a store was for my junior prom. It was kind of silver in color, and my mom adjusted it for me.”

• Don’t wear a roomy suit. It doesn’t make you look slimmer—it makes you look sloppy.
• Don’t go untucked.


The 5 Tips Every Large Man Should Know

1) Wear a pocket square. It brings the focus to your chest, not your gut.

2) Keep your jacket buttoned unless you’re sitting down.

3) Wear a simple, elegant shirt. Avoid plaids and checks.

4) You can wear flat-front pants. They are engineered to be comfortable, even without pleats.

5) Avoid superskinny ties and lapels. Proportion with your torso is key.

Suit, $2,485, and shirt, $235, by Ermenegildo Zegna. Tie, $170, by Dsquared. Shoes, $795, by Church’s. Cuff links and pocket square by Paul Stuart. Watch by Cartier.


The Athletic Man

Chuck Liddell: Ultimate Fighting champion

205 lbs

“I hear ‘You actually look good in a suit!’ a lot. It’s kind of a sideways compliment. Like, What, you don’t expect me to look good in a suit? But the fact is, it’s hard finding something that fits right everywhere. Some of the shirts I get are too short in the torso because of my shoulders. And I have a pretty big neck for my size—between eighteen and a half and nineteen inches. A normal shirt isn’t made for that big of a neck. If it is, they think you’re three feet wide and weigh 300 pounds.”

• Don’t wear peak lapels. Your chest and shoulders are broad enough—no need to accentuate them.
• Don’t wear a pocket square. It’s not necessary to call more attention to your already proud chest.


The 5 Tips Every Athletic Man Should Know

1) A solid build doesn’t mean your suit should be a size too large.

2) Two-button jackets sync up with the V shape of your torso.

3) Low-collar shirts work well with a thicker neck.

4) Your jacket will likely need to be taken in at the sides.

5) Yes, you can wear narrow-cut trousers. It’s your chest that needs room, not your ankles.

Suit, $1,995, by Dolce & Gabbana. Shirt, $695, and tie, $135, by Giorgio Armani. Shoes, $575, by Marc Jacobs.

(Article taken from


Eat The Dream, Nation!

May 27, 2008

This isn’t that “new!” anymore, but I finally got around to trying this yesterday and I must say, it ranks pretty high on my favorite Ben & Jerry’s…  Each spoonful has so much euphoria that I started frightening people around me with my happy glow and giggles.  It wore off, but I became extremely depressed when I hit the bottom.

I recommend trying this deliciousness before I buy them all up to stock up my freezer for the summer.  Who knows if ice cream prices will start to suffer the dreaded inflation.  Probably.  Oh well, there’s still Kool-Aid, ice trays, tooth picks and plastic wrap.  (Doesn’t compare at all, but it’s free…ish.)

And yes, this is also a subtle plug to watch The Colbert Report.  He makes our nation and it’s future a little less… I dunno… bleak.  Tune in Comedy Central @ 11:30pm… and reruns in the morning.  I think…

Song Of The Week!!!!

May 27, 2008

This is probably not somethin most of you would listen to on here but I love it. Theyre also one of the bands that inspired my favorite band Oasis. I hardly ever dig any 80’s bands but this one is different. The Guitar work is lovely and for some reason the whole thing kinda makes me feel tough for some reason. The video is pretty horrible though.

The Stone Roses – Love Spreads

Nike SB

May 26, 2008

Here are 4 Nike SB models set to release in June, one of which include the Newcastle Brown Ale Dunk Lows.  I think I like the mid-tops, but would have to see them in person before I pass full judgment.

New Coldplay

May 24, 2008

There new song Violet Hill is abdolutely amazing. The thing is when Tan first sent it to me i kinda shrugged it off because i kinda listened to it with expectations of it being all about piano melodies. Now ive listened to it recently and its grown on me and its been on repeat for the last two days. Also, I saw the the new Apple commercial and they have another song by Coldplay in it called Viva La Vida and i love that too. I think Coldplay means business this time around. From the sounds of these two songs I get the feeling this album will be huge. I cant wait. Im actually glad there going for a new sound.

Violet Hill

Apple Commercial

Lazy Days

May 24, 2008

Jurassic Park?


Enter at your own risk.


Here comes Patty!

Cherry tree, not quite there yet.

The Loch Ness Monster…


Thank God it’s 2008!

Homemade grain from grapes. Gross.

Homemade cherry brandy, and I ain’t talkin’ bout Moesha.

Thanks Don!

A Fresh Start

May 22, 2008

I havent blogged in a while and I’d like to apologize to my fellow wolves for not keepin up with my shit. Ive been goin through some shit. I recently became a single man because females are douschebags. As much as this brings me down i gotta move on. So I would like to say to my fellow howlers that this is the wolfpack summer. We must drink, we must party, we must howl at random putas, we must travel, we must stay active, we must drink some more, and most importantly we must run as a pack. To properly bring myself back into this I must do my usual and bring out the SONG OF THE WEEK!!!!!! even though its already thursday. Fuck it.

I Love The Pack


This video reminds of a night out with the pack

Summertime Means Summer Blockbusters

May 22, 2008

I too have been away from… well… the Internet.  Reasons being from a weekend getaway (for my parents), me staying out of the house for the weekend, and not having Internet access at home for about 2 days because someone forgot to pay the cable bill. 

Anyway, here I am, and I’m trying to catch up on all blogs I write to.  Fortunately I’m able to email my other blog from work… but this is what’s call a shameless plug.  I don’t feel like being political or socially aware right now, so let’s talk movies.

‘Tis time for the summer movies to begin rolling in.  And I am going to try my best to stay on top of the most anticipated movies coming out.  I haven’t seen Speed Racer but I wanted to, just because I’m a fan of eye candy.  However, I heard that’s pretty much all it was.  Then again, depending on who you talk to, that’s all the Matrix sequels were.  Depending who you talk to.

I did get to see Iron Man which I have yet to post my review on MySpace (another shameless plug) and I give that movie 5 askerisks and could some up that movie in one word: fun.  I can’t say if it’s worth six flags of fun… but it is a great movie for both comic book fans and those who have no clue who Iron Man is.  And c’mon, it’s Robert Downey, Jr…  He’s just an interesting guy on his own.

The next movie I hope to see within the week (and will be playing in select theaters a minute after midnight) is Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skulls.  I just want to say that I’m upset that they used the crystal skulls because I was working on my own adventure flick concerning them.  NOW it’ll sound like a knock-off, unless I really make this story unique.  Back to the drawing board I guess.  Or notepad.  Anyway, I still want to see this movie.  I love a good adventure.  Plus I’ve been waiting for the past 2 years when I first heard about the production.  And some filmming was done over at Yale, just some trivia to throw around, maybe sound pretentious.

Speaking of random pretentious trivia… do you know why they call them blockbusters?  Back in olden times, with Ye Olde Cinemahouse, after a movie’s debut turned in a large profit, they’d break open blocks that contained more tickets that they expected to sell the following days to come.

I lied.  That’s not true.  It really started back when popular plays would outsell other theaters on a block, or neighborhood, making them go broke, hence the play busted the block.  Now you know.  Go spread the word.  I’ll keep you posted on this summer’s biggest hits, and misses… as well as the random bits inbetween.  Meanwhile, go check out Iron Man if you haven’t already… or see it again.  I might.

Been a While…

May 21, 2008

Once again, I’d like to apologize for the little hiatus. I’ve been bogged down with finals and stuff do for school, but now that that’s out of the way, I have all the time in the world. Summer is here (not officially, I think?) and it is time to rejoice. It’s time to drink endless amounts of alcohol, sleep until 2 p.m., hook up with random girls, go camping with the pack, ride around real slow bumpin’ Rick Ross, and many other things that I can’t seem to think of right now…

Anyways, since I haven’t been posting on this joint like i properly should, I’m going to make a triumphant return with one big super post!

First off, I’d like to propose a question. Why are segways so gay? This has been on my mind a lot lately and I’m not quite sure why? Maybe it’s because I saw a cop riding around on one of these while going to see Death Cab in Boston? These things just piss me off. When I saw professor Xavier in X-men riding around on one I almost broke the TV. What purpose do they really serve? I know it’s 2008, and we’re right around the corner from having flying cars, but you seriously can’t just walk? To me, there’s just something about someone riding on a segway that gives off the message “I’m too important, to be walking amongst these inferior pions”. If I ever catch anyone riding around Meriden in a segway I’m going to dropkick them in the nuts!


Secondly, I am really upset at the idiocy in this country. I recently gained my citizenship and was sworn in in New Haven. I’m really thankful for all that has been given to me and am proud to be an American. For the most part, I really wanted to vote in the upcoming election, but it just pisses me off when I see/hear about stuff like this…

(CNN) — Two-thirds of Hillary Clinton’s supporters in Kentucky say they would vote Republican or not vote at all rather than for Barack Obama, exit polls show.

Forty-one percent of Clinton supporters said they’d cast their vote for John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee, and 23 percent said they would not vote at all.

Just 33 percent said they would back Obama in the general election, according to the polls.

Those numbers are even worse for Obama than in West Virginia one week ago, where 36 percent of Clinton voters said they would back him in the fall.

(CNN News)

This is an opportunity to bring about change within the way our country is led. But, ignorant people like the above mentioned just keep on bringing us down. It’s 2008 and people are still racist, and even sexist. I understand if you may not like Barack, but as a Democrat you’re going to vote for McCain just because Barack is the leading candidate? Do people really want the second-coming of George Bush in office? I guess third times the charm right? I just really don’t know anymore…

Last but not least, allow me to stop venting about what’s wrong with the world. BET recently had an interview with Joe Budden, regarding his up and coming album Padded Room and his take on the current state of Hip-Hop. I found it an interesting read. Enjoy. Padded Room was scheduled for an April 22 release, but that date has since come and gone. What’s the status on your new album and what direction will you be taking this time around?

Joe Budden: Padded Room is great. I just wanted to do something different…musically, sonically. I wanted to be able to say anything that was on my mind without being judged for it. It’s finished, we wrapped up, and it should be out late July early August. Will Padded Room reflect the current mind and creative state you’re in right now?

Joe Budden: Well, I don’t know if Padded Room will reflect the space that I am in currently…Padded Room will almost be, like I don’t want to say a novelty album, but it will be different for anything that Joe Budden has released, or will ever release. It really does sound like something that you should be high on, something to listen to; it’s a listener’s album. I don’t think there’s too many listeners albums out there this second, but the space that I was doing when I dropped my first album, not even the space everything is different with hip hop and with me, and you know my situation, things have evolved since then. You’ve had your share of lyrical squabbles with The Game, G-Unit, Mistah Fab, Ransom and of course, Jay-Z; if you could go back in time would you handle those conflicts any different?

Joe Budden: I regret them all. I mean if I had to go back and do it over again, I wouldn’t. Like to me, it’s pointless, nothing comes out of it, but bad blood, animosity, or burnt bridges. I’ve never resorted to that for success, or to move units. I’ve probably never been in a position where doing that would be beneficial to a Joe Budden project. But who do you like now?

Joe Budden: Who do I like? Nobody! I listen to me, that’s who I listen to. Eminem don’t rap anymore….. Is that your only choice?

Joe Budden: No, I hear everybody and everything, but I won’t hop in my car and put this BS that’s out right now on. I mean, if i had a choice , I would wash out 95% of the rappers out right now. But if I did that, there wouldn’t be any hip hop. I’m totally fine with having something for everybody, but I’m also alright with not being apart of that everybody. I listen to Kanye. I go out and anticipate Kanye’s material. Aside from that, I don’t look forward or anticipate anything else. Nobody is bold enough to get in the booth, let it all hang out and disregard the backlash; Kanye does it every trip. I would like to listen to somebody who puts 110% into their craft and he does that. Jay use to do that, but that stopped being the case after Kingdom Come. Pac used to do that for me and still does. I can put on any 2Pac album and it’ll be better than 99% of what’s happening at this very moment. Timeless music; that’s what I’m into, no one is making that. Where do you see hip hop in the next 5 years?

Joe Budden: I don’t even wanna look, I don’t wanna look! You feel it’s that bad?

Joe Budden: I’m horrified of where it might be in five years. I don’t wanna think about it and I don’t wanna look!

(courtesy of

My First Post

May 18, 2008

Ok so, I have been a member of this blog for a while now and haven’t posted a darn thing.  This is mainly because I’m real lame and have nothing interesting to talk about.  But today that has changed.  I was sitting in my room, bored as usual, and came across this video on youtube.  I felt that I had to share this with you guys because this is absolutely hilarious and ridiculous at the same time.  This woman is out of her damn mind.  The fact that she thinks it’s okay to behave this way is unbelievable.  But listen to what she is saying….these damn southern rappers got people “actin a fool.”  I mean what kind of crackhead tries to fight an old lady on a train?!?  I don’t know, I guess I’m done ranting about this crazy broad, just watch and enjoy.

Time is at Hand for the World and R. Kelly

May 14, 2008
I don’t want to sound religious, even thought most people know that I am…  But the wrath of God is definitely at hand.
The past few weeks have seen more death than I can remember in the mere 22 years I’ve been alive, and probably 12 of which I’ve actually been socially conscious.  From Myanmar’s cyclone killing 100,000+, to the rising Chinese’s earthquake death toll (as of 9pm) 12,000+ and probably 100 more or less in U.S. with the tornadoes.  There are a bunch of other events going on, but those are man made, like Florida’s fires or the terrorists acts that unfortunately seem so commonplace, but still take so many lives of innocent people.
With all this tragedy, those who are safe should thank God, or your lucky stars… whatever you do, and be thankful you are safe.  Yeah, we still have a lot of issues, but at least we are alive.  It seems like a faceless number of 200,000 (guessing a number) but it changes if a tragic event happened a mile from your home town, or your own home.
In less depressing news, jury selection has begun on R. Kelly’s trial.  Something that should’ve been done like 6 years ago.  This humors me because he claims it’s not him on the tape.  I saw the tape.  He must have a look-a-like somewhere.  They better find the look-a-like or Kelly’s new album this summer might be the last album we hear for a long time.  Well, other than the “unreleased” songs they’ll surely put out.  Hmmm…  Where is my Boondocks DVD?  (The Trial of R. Kelly)  Not that I’m trying to impose my opinion of R. Kelly, but I’ve lost respect for him over the years as an artist, and as a person, according to media’s portrayal of him.  But hey, that’s just me.  There are a couple singles I like, but not enough to get me to wear a “Free R. Kelly” t-shirt.


May 13, 2008

I’ve always considered their first album In Search Of… a classic. It was just one of those CD’s that you could just sit back, relax and vibe too. At the time, it was so different from anything that was out. 4 years later, N.E.R.D. hits us with their 2nd album, Seeing Sounds. Set to release next month, this will surely be some much needed candy for my ears. Pharrell and the homeys performed “Everybody Nose” the other night on Letterman. Dave also showed a glimpse of what the CD cover and backing will look like…

Follow the link to download the the remix of…

“Everybody Nose Remix” by N.E.R.D. featuring, Kanye, Lupe, and Pusha T.

180-Degrees Of Fun!

May 12, 2008

While doing my daily scan of blogs and web pages, i stumbled upon this over at Seems like a great idea and looks to be really promising…. that is if it could be perfected more and brought to the masses. I wouldn’t be surprised if a big name in the video game industry jumped on this chance soon enough. My only worry is, will I go permanently blind from being so freakin’ close to the picture!? My vision is bad enough as is…

John Nilsson is the man behind the jDome, an invention that will give gamers a massive 180-degree field of vision instead of the usual 15 to 20 degrees they get from their monitors. All you do is put the jDome in front of a projector, mirror the image in the projector, change the Field of View and you’re good to go. Nilsson’s already patented his idea, and he’s looking for donations to get the jDome into production—he reckons it will cost between $125 and $200.

(article taken from


May 8, 2008

Travelers Insurance is killin the ad game right now. Peep the awesome commercial. Reminds me of the movie Big Fish.

And this.

This too.

I love me a good commercial!


May 6, 2008

How did I ever miss out on this?!?!?!  Woofin’ 5 panel snap-back hat by Milkcrate Athletics.  Sold out now…