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Movie of the Moment: Head of State

April 29, 2008

Some people are trying to bring out that inner Huey Freeman in me since I can easy do the hairstyle and wardrobe, and I’m almost a revolutionary thinker…  I’m just very liberal.  But I won’t get political today.  I’m in a good mood.  Unlike Huey, I’m smiling, cheerful, optimistic… and my hair is twists.

With that said, this week’s homework assignment is to watch the movie Head of State directed and starring Chris Rock.  I feel it’s underrated.  And those that have seen it don’t think it’s that great.  Honestly, compared to I Think I Love My Wife, I liked it much better.  But that’s just me.  Don’t get me wrong, Kerry Washington?  …Good God Almighty!  I need to meet her parents and/or family and say thank you.

Anyway, it seems to me, that our favorite candidate may have possibly seen this movie too, and if he hasn’t, maybe he should and laugh a little bit.  It is a comedy after all…  But the state that our United States is in, not much laughing about that.  Well, there is laughing, but it’s more of a nervous laughter, or one of those there’s-nothing-else-you-can-do-except-laugh laughter.  Like you just got a paycheck, and you pay off the light bill, gas bil, cable bill, phone bill and then go get groceries and laugh because you only have about $20 left.  Yeah, it’s like that.  Funny-sad.  I’m working on making up words…  I haven’t found one for this yet.  My latest is “indoob” which I’ll explain some other time.

In the meantime, check out that movie.  It would be nice to see reality mimic art.  If that’s the case, Obama better grab a few lookalikes.  Quick.


Paper Trail

April 29, 2008

The self-proclaimed King of the South is back once again, fresh off of the whole gun fiasco and a little hiatus.  His new album Paper Trail is set to release soon.

I’ve been rather disappointed in T.I. lately.  It seems like he has switched up his whole style/demeanor, putting out lame music trying to cater to lame people.  His new single “No Matter What” was released today and I must say, I think he’s back!  Danja laced the track and came through with the sick organ, drums, and strings… This joint is pure fire.  It reminds me of the good ol’ trap muzik T.I. that is well missed.

(click the link below for the mp3)

T.I. – No Matter What

The Madness Begins

April 28, 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV releases tomorrow, the 4/29. This is will forever go down as one of the biggest days in video game history. Once again, we get to murk out city blocks, start random fights with old ladies crossing the street, shoot up the federalis, and commit malicious acts of crime without being accounted for them. I’ve had it reserved for over 2 months man! For those of you who could not wait the extra 24 hours, Gamestop is going a midnight release tonight. Needless to say, I’ll be there to pick up my copy…

Tax Rebate

April 25, 2008

Yeah, it’ll be real nice to have a check for free money arrive in the mail. I’d love a couple extra hundred right about now. But when you all receive your checks, keep in mind where this money is coming from…. and who has to pay it back….. Any who, I guess we can all expect to receive them sooner than expected…

Those of you eagerly awaiting your tax rebate checks will rejoice at the Treasury Department’s announcement that they’re depositing the checks ahead of schedule. Their original announcement stated that May 2 would be rebate check opening day, but they’ve updated their schedule with the early start date of Monday, April 28.

If the IRS has your direct deposit information then your check will be deposited earlier than those who will receive their check in the mail. However, the mailed checks will also be sent a week ahead of schedule and mailings will begin on May 9. All rebates will be distributed according to the last two digits of your social security number as originally stated. While the IRS hasn’t come out with a new schedule, I’ve updated their old one to reflect the newly announced dates. To see an updated estimated schedule just read more

    Direct deposit payment
Last 2 Digits of SSN Date Check Will Be Sent
00-20 April 28
21-75 May 5
76-99 May 12
    Paper check
Last 2 Digits of SSN Date Check Will Be Sent
00-09 May 9
10-18 May 16
19-25 May 23
26-38 May 30
39-51 June 6
52-63 June 13
64-75 June 20
76-87 June 27
88-99 July 4
    (article taken from yahoo news!)

Pennsylvania Who? (A Rant)

April 24, 2008

I’ve been writing a lot the past few days about a range of subjects from a double review of 2 recently release albums, Earth Day and allergy season.  Okay, so I haven’t really written about the allergies… but the other 2 things I’ll post to my own blog later and post a link here because I don’t wanna seem like I’m taking over with my sarcastic opinions. 

Anyway, my news-junkyhood held strong as I watched CNN for a few hours last night keeping tabs on the PA primaries where Clinton made a comeback.  I was pissed that they made a projection that she won with only 5% of the numbers.  But they have experience in this and they were right, so whatever.  As interesting as this race is turning out to be, I’d much rather it be over by now.  Actually, I wish it was election day.  Can I move a little forwarder?  I wish it was January 20th, 2009…  Bush will be out of the office, the new President [Obama] will be in office and fixing our broken country.  Like stopping gas prices from rising.  I know why they are going up… but as contradicting as it sounds, I don’t know why it’s continuing.  I mean besides the obvious government leaders playing lame ducks which isn’t supposed to start until after Election Day.

I’m way off the point I’m trying to make.  Today I keep hearing why Obama doesn’t finish off Clinton.  Could it be that he’s too nice?  It’s a guess.  But to me, he’s changing the game by just being overall positive.  A few months ago I remember him saying how he doesn’t want to take part in the mud slinging.  I have to admit that I respect that.  But I guess if thats what it takes to win, he has to get dirty.  It’s no secret, negativity works.  Like sex sells.  At least there’s Obama Girl.

Still, not the main point.  Should for some insane reason Pres. Obama doesn’t win, one thing must be made certain:  McCain must not win.  I have my reasons.  Most of them go along with every other person who doesn’t care for him.  I dislike his speeches.  I think he’s too old.  He just doesn’t seem like presidential material to me.  I know that doesn’t mean anything, because I said and felt the same way for Dubya and he managed to get re-elected.  He’s also still scratching his head on how that happened.

So Clinton may have won the last round, but she hasn’t one the war.  Let every vote be counted and let’s have some change in this country.  And the talking heads on news channels like CNN should be the ones running debates.  They have better questions.  June is so far away though… sigh…

More Death From The Cab

April 23, 2008

May 13th is when Death Cab For Cutie’s album Narrow Stairs releases in stores.  Their first single for it is “I Will Possess Your Heart”.  Here is the official video for it!  I love it!

Someone Got Some Work Done

April 23, 2008



April 21, 2008

There’s nothing better than having on a fresh pair of shades on when the sun is blinding your retina, or just to shield yourself from the haters (not really).  With that said, check out these sick eye-pieces that will be releasing soon.  A collaboration between long-time quality/fashionable  sunglass producer Mosley Tribes and street wear juggernaut  Crooks & Castles.  I’m not sure what this model is going to be called but there will also be a white color-way releasing.  I want my pair!

Science Vs. Religion

April 21, 2008

I have never been a really religious person. I used to go to church when I was little, but not anymore. My mom on the other hand has always been a person of faith. She prays every day, and celebrates my grandparent’s lives as if they were here with us still. I’ve lived my life as open-minded and rationally as I can. In high school we were taught to separate religion from science, and that the two do not belong in the same sentence.

Certain things are just so hard to explain and put into light. Who is to say what is the right or wrong thing to believe?

Charles Darwin put the theory of evolution to the forefront for all of us to see, and he helped us to understand why we do the things we do and why we are this way. There is no denying that mankind and all of the animals inhabiting this planet evolved over the many many years from microscopic single celled organisms. The facts and truth of our past can be answered through science. But, sometimes I can’t help but wonder…. Is there more to it then science? How does life just begin and all of the rocks/minerals/materials come to existence? Has everything in the universe always just been there? There has to be some kind of an explanation. One that can put an end to all the confusion. That is when my mind draws a blank and I think of a higher power that may be responsible for everything… God, Buddha, whatever you want to call them. Who really knows? I sure don’t.

The reason I’m bringing this topic up is because Ben Stein (yes, that guy lol) is putting out a movie called Expelled: No Intelligence Involved. It is about the scientists and people who are trying to prove that there is a higher power. That there are signs of intelligent design in nature and that we are products of a higher intelligence. The movie questions Darwinism’s legitimacy and makes many bold statements. I’m sure it will be very controversial and cause an even bigger stir in the battle between science and religion. Watch the trailer for it below. It looks really interesting/crazy and I am definitely going to see it!

Song of The Week

April 21, 2008

This is a song sung by Noel Gallagher. Written by Paul Weller(The Jam). I think its a wondeful song but i dont know the name of it. I love what its all about tho.

Cookin’ Out

April 18, 2008

Good women, good food, always in a good mood. All chopped, all screwed, strip clubs, all nude. Wheelin” then I’m ready for chillin’….

That B That L That O…

April 17, 2008

What’s the new craze amongst teenagers and Hollywood hipsters these days?  Blow of course.  No not the stuff you see Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton snorting at parties in the playboy mansion.  No not the stuff you see Johnny Depp chartering planes to Columbia for either.  I’m talking about Blow, the energy drink.  Mimicking the real thing, it comes with a mirror and credit card so you can chop it up and carve it into lines before you consume it.  The powder comes in little capsules, inside a package that looks like a big brick of cocaine.  Being so blatant of what it’s imitating, It’s causing even more of a stir (no pun intended) than the Cocaine energy drink.  Imagine showing up in class with this stuff, dumping it out of the capsule, and chopping it up with the credit card…..

Movie of the Moment: Crank

April 17, 2008

For some reason unbeknownst (Is that a word?  Well it is today) to me, some channel, I think TNT has been showing The Transporter 2 about 12 times this week.  And it’s only Wednesday.  I think the movie itself was a little bit of overkill, but is it possible to overkill something already overdead?  I’m sorry for the word-trickery…  It’s been a long day.  Basically, the first Transporter was the best, but being a fimmatic, I can’t hate on makin’ a lil money by starting a franchise.

Anyway, the movie that really got me was Crank.  Finally, someone got the idea of a movie that acts like a video game and moves like one too.  This might be as close to Grand Theft Auto we’ll get for a while.  I’m sure it’s in the mix.  I haven’t been doing my research so it could be coming out next week for all I know (it isn’t, I’m not that ignorant).  But Crank is a fun game!  Sorry, I meant movie.  It’s a fun movie.  Never a dull moment.  I gave it a “Dad Test” where I showed it to my father, and if he falls asleep, its not that great.  It was a win-win situation since Jason Statham is one of my dad’s favorite actors.  He was so excited about it he watched it again.  (Okay, I did too.)

To those who don’t know, this movie is about a hitman who’s been drugged and needs to keep his adreniline up by any means necessary to complete whatever job he’s trying to do.  Honestly, I can’t remember what that job is and I don’t think it really cares.  There’s no slow sappy beginning, when it starts–it starts.  And when it ends… well… it ends.  What I said sounds crazy, but compare this movie’s beginning to, I don’t know… Pan’s Labyrinth which I know, I know is no where near a movie like Crank, but my mind is going blank.  I told you, it’s been a long day

Another point I’d like to talk about with this movie–Amy Smart.  I first noticed her in Rat Race and again in The Butterfly Effect.  Something about her that scream “cute sexiness”.  It doesn’t take much for me.  In case you’re wondering, she is involved in a quick public sex scene.  Hey, Jason Statham needs to keep his excitement up.  I couldn’t have thought of a better idea myself.  What a way to stay alive.  I wouldn’t complain.

Obviously with a movie like this, you’ll need to suspend your disbelief and just enjoy the ride.  Ironically enough, that’s the first thing I said about The Transporter 2 because some of the stuff was… well… unbelievable.  Again, this movie has that all throughout, so it’s easy to go with.  Similar to being used to creepy stripey gothy designs to most Tim Burton movies.  By the way, Sweeney Todd, not a movie I’d want to own.  Too much singing.  Bloody enough.  But I think Depp is a great actor and he did a fine job, and can carry a tune better than some earlier ringtones.  Didn’t make sense?  It will if you’re tired.  Give it time.  I’m drifting.

Check out the extra hyper movie that (to me) is underappreciated–Crank.  Another movie that can’t sit still and is just an infamous concept for various reasons:  Speed.  Heh… another movie title that’s a drug.  I wonder how Pineapple Express will be…


April 16, 2008

Battlefield: Bad Company is set to release on June 23. The beta for it is already out, so if you have a Xbox, I highly suggest that you download it. The game just looks freakin’ sick. Graphics are smooth as hell and the game play looks even better. You can blow up walls, trees, almost anything in your surrounding environment. So if you hate campers, just level a house’s wall with your bazooka and then there will be no where to hide! I’m making it official and you can keep this on the records…. I think we might have a CAll of Duty 4 killer here.

Here are some trailers for it. The image quality is pretty horrible, so don’t think that it’s the game. The graphics are unbelievable, trust me. But, these are the best I could find on youtube. For some reason wordpress won’t allow me to embed high quality flash videos.

Spring Is In The Air

April 16, 2008

So let the good times roll!

Shear recklessness.

Hundred proof Soco.  Probably a bad idea!

1 down, 1 more to go.

Finger-stache in the house!

More drugs.

Finger-staches are almost getting as popular as the wolfpack.  Worldwide phenomena!

So after we perfected the finger-stache technique, we proceeded to go to the bar (Thirsty Dog).  Which then led to 3-4 Long Island Ice Teas for EACH of us.  Which led to me not remembering a damn thing that happened after this.  Which led to a bunch of bad things.