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Joe @ Toad’s

March 29, 2008

So the Hot 93 Underground Jam was this past Wednesday. I must say it was well worth my 25 bucks. Joey tore the house down and it was awesome seeing my favorite rapper perform joints from the Mood Muzik series and his self titled album. I was drunk as hell just vibe’n to the music with my com padres. To everyone else, we probably looked like straight up idiots, but it’s cool. I had a blast! We didn’t even stay to watch Talib perform lol.

The music was loud as hell. Don’t let this video of his performance of “Dumb Out” fool you. My ears were ringing until the next day. I’m with the pack somewhere on the left up front.


Top Flute Featured Songs

March 29, 2008

While I had my iPod on shuffle, picking randomly through 1,700+ songs, two songs went back to back had featured an overlooked instrument.  Well, it had been overlooked to me, and doesn’t get a lot of credit:  the flute.  In high school I might’ve thought something dreadful, like “oh no, another band geek” (I jest! I jest, I hung out with them and they are good people.  I was an social diplomat anyway), but with the right song, it’s pretty cool.  I couldn’t go through all 1,700 songs on my iPod, nor could I possibly research every song I’ve ever heard, so I just picked the songs that I know and have heard within the past week that I know feature flutes, and are also pretty hot songs.

1. En Vogue – “My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It)
2. Common – “U, Black Maybe”
3. Led Zepplin – “Stairway to Heaven”
4. Talib Kweli – “Listen!!!”
5. Sam Cooke – “Keep Movin’ On”
6. Big Pun – “100%”
7. Isaac Hayes – “Theme to Shaft” (I’m not sure if these are flutes… but its still hot to drive to at night)

An honarable mention is the one and only Ron Burgandy, from Anchorman because no one can rock a “yazz” flute like he can.  And I don’t think anyone ever will.

No one.

Again, this isn’t a complete list, so feel free to add to it.  Please, I’m curious if anyone else noticed.

Mighty Healthy!

March 29, 2008

Ghostface Killah, Tony Starks, Ironman, Pretty Toney, Ghostdini, Paisley Fontaine, Starky Love, The Wally Champ, P Tone, etc etc etc…. One of the greatest rappers ever. I don’t care what you say. He’s in my top ten. If you can’t appreciate this shit for what it is, I feel sorry for you fam. Mighty Healthy, probably my favorite song by him. I don’t really need to say anymore. The man speaks for himself.

(Also, I didn’t know he just released ANOTHER album lol. Apparently it’s a compilation album called The Wallabee Champ. I’ll have it by tomorrow morning on full blast! The guy releases another album every weekend it seems)

“Both hands clusty, chillin with my man Rusty. Lowdown, blew off the burner, kinda dusty.”

74 Minutes

March 29, 2008

I remember a time, back in the day, when you actually PURCHASED a CD, and that disc had at least 12 songs, maybe the most was 21…  But it was a full disc-worth of material, sometimes skits were involved, but you had about an hour and 10 minutes of entertainment, more or less, give or take, here or there, this or that, black or white, paper or plastic (you don’t see that anymore)…  Sorry, got distracted.

My main sole point is that lately, I feel I’m gettin’ slighted by these artists punping out albums that clock under an hour.  Most recently, the just released Gnarles Barkley album, The Odd Couple.  Don’t get me wrong, these albums I encounter that are sadly too short, I really like.  Kanye West’s Graduation is just about an hour too.  I don’t buy enough albums to know this to be fact, but out of the 5 I’ve purchased in the last 2 months, only one crosses the 70 minute mark.

I understand this is probably the arists’ choice on how many songs they want to include or any other artistic/creative idea… but as a fan, I want just a little more bang for my buck.  Even though we are in the digital age where people are downloading music, and charge per song, at least even it out with those who still like to buy a CD on occasion.  Both Gnarls Barkley CDs are about 40 minutes long.  So I’d run through the playlist pretty quickly.  Again, speaking of Gnarls (I’ll write a review later) each song averages maybe about 2mins, 30 seconds.  I don’t really wanna keep repeating a song over and over… even though I’d do that anyway.  Even if they repeated the same verses again, I don’t care! Just give me a 4 minute song is all I ask.  The song “Champion” on Kanye West’s album is like that too.  

It’s like back in the Motown days… and back before then.  Average songs were the same length.  But I really can’t compare the eras.  They really sang back then.  Music was music.


March 28, 2008

You’ve probably seen the commercials for the movie Shutter. You know, where the dude reaches over to tap the girl on the shoulder and her freakin’ head falls off.  No? Well it’s another one of those remakes of a classic Japanese horror film, kind of like The Grudge.   I was really intrigued by the commercial and knew that I wanted to see it.  I’ll pretty much watch any movie about ghosts and stuff.  Well, today I did see it, the original Japanese version that is.  I must say, it’s pretty damn crazy.  Below is a scene about 3/4 into the movie that I found really freaky….

(The story goes….  Him and his g/f ran over some girl with their car by mistake.  Her ghost has been haunting them ever since.  Appearing in their dreams, photographs etc…)

Electrolux Inspiro Automatic Oven

March 26, 2008

That’s right. An automatic oven! Every man’s dream come true. You basically just put the food in and the oven uses built in sensors and technology to identify what type of food it is and how it needs to be cooked. You thought the George Foreman Grill was great? This thing cooks your food perfectly every time without you having to monitor it or do anything really….

You can bet I’m gonna be getting one of these things when I have my own pad.

To cook a joint of meat, you simply select “roast” on the oven’s single dial, before indicating whether you want it rare, medium or well-done. The oven, apparently, will tell you whether to put it on its top, middle or bottom shelf—while it is still cold. Then the Inspiro’s special math stuff begins.

It works out the energy consumption and time needed to get the meat to the right temperature. That information, alongside its database of professional cooking techniques, calculates what combination of heating modes is required—whether the heat needs to come from the top, bottom, side, whether it needs to use its fan or the grill—to get the dish cooked to perfection.

(borrowed from the good folks at

Song of The Week

March 25, 2008

Its that time. Fuck it im goin back to Oasis. Listen to the solo at the end. Amazing! That’s real Rock & Roll.

Oasis – Gas Panic

Boots With the Furrrrr

March 24, 2008

Ever since I first stepped into college I’ve noticed a sort of trend, if you will, prevalent amongst about 80% of the female students. It has sparked my curiosity, being that i consider myself somewhat fashion conscious/savvy. Why does every single girl on campus seam to wear the exact same thing? It’s like, they have reinstated school uniforms, but they haven’t. The typical chick I run into has 3 main components that are staples in their outfit.

1. North Face Denali fleece (usually in black, but the actual fleece part may vary in color from girl to girl)

2. Vintage wash apple-bottom jeans (no brand in particular, but they must either be tucked in, or cuffed to the extreme!)

3. And of course the notorious Ugg(short for ugly, in a cute/sexy kind of way) boot.

note: Ugg’s can be substituted with Birkenstock’s

Throw in a fake(or not) designer purse and big gaudy sunglasses and you have the prototype for your typical hip/cute/cool college chick. This right here is the epidemic, that I’d like to call the Boots With the Fur Syndrome.

Crazy Jamaicans

March 24, 2008

This is the most ridiculous, absurd, phenomenal, atrocious, outstanding thing I have ever seen in my entire life.  Blucka Blucka!!! Shout out to Rohan!

Don’t believe the hype

March 22, 2008

All the time we here movies being praised for being one of the best films of the year (which is hard to believe when its said in Janurary) or it gets 5 stars or this or that.  Then you go out to see the movie with high expectations of this being one of the bestly made movies on the planet because everybody else and their mothers have all agreed that it is indeed the best, only to discover they were wrong.  Or maybe you’re crazy.  You don’t want to believe the latter, so yes, everyone is wrong.

I’ve seen this happen time and time again, and I admit, it’s happened to me numerous times.  Instead, I’ve learned that when mvoies are getting hyped up from critics, I tend to become a critic of the critics, seeing what is it that they saw in this movie that makes it so good… or bad (since critics do give bad reviews as well).

The time when the hype gets out of control is Oscar season.  The entertainment vocabulary for this time is “Road to the Oscars” or “Oscar buzz.”  And I’ll admit that a good number of those movies deserve their hype, but some of them… not so much.  But this leads into my point:  It’s a matter of opinion.  And that’s all critics are getting paid for, which is why I’d like to have their job.  Granted, not everyone is a good critic… because not everyone knows what they’re talking about or can’t explain why something is awesome or sucks.

All I’m saying is, for any movie you see previews for and it has quotes from people saying how awesome it is, or even some co-workers or friends you know who tell you “Hey, this movie is neat!” try to go in with an unbiased mind.  This is different if you are watching a movie you’ve wanted to see since forever ago, and the good news you heard only made you want to see it that much more.  Sometimes, what others say will influence you to make you think you should like the movie when you really don’t.  Or hate a movie that you actually liked.  I liked Cloverfield and Constantine and hated Super Troopers and American Psycho.  I have my reasons for those movies which I’d gladly explain, but those are movies everyone seemed to have a love/hate relationship.  And I’m usually not part of the majority, and people are like “Are you crazy?!”  To which I gladly proclaim “Yes, a little.”

It’s a little too late to make a long story short, (I’ve been gone for a while, had to make up for lost times) but all I’m saying is don’t believe the hype.  Be your own critic and don’t give in to peer pressure!  Meanwhile, read my movie reviews… I talk to the common movie goer and filmmakers alike.

Hip Hop Saved My Life

March 19, 2008

So, the video for “Hip Hop Saved My Life” by Lupe Fiasco finally released today. A personal favorite of mine, and what many people consider to be the standout track amongst many from his earlier released album, The Cool. It’s a song that I feel is great and truly represents what is actually going on in the world of hip hop these days. So-called rappers putting out crappy songs using the same old tired formula. Slowed down samples, chopped n’ screwed choruses, weak lyrics about money and bitches, etc etc… portraying a life that they don’t actually lead. It’s not about the art anymore. It’s all about the money. I guess that’s why there are all of these one hit wonders with songs about stupid dances.

The story of this song takes place in Houston and kind of pokes fun at the typical southern rapper. I found it kind of cool that many of them came out and showed love for the video. My dude Slim Thugga makes a short cameo. I guess, even these dudes are realizing that it’s become a problem. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with chopped n’ screwed choruses, and heavy baselines.  A lot of times the songs are real hot, but there is a line that needs to be drawn. People like Soulja Boy and Young Berg should NOT exist.

I’m glad that someone finally decided to speak up about it.

Dragonfly Jones

March 19, 2008

One of my favorite shows when I was growin up was Martin. It aired for five seasons and then was cancelled due to Martin Lawrence takin drugs and it affecting his work. On the show he played alot of other characters besides the main one. We all know the hilarious characters such as Sheneneh, Jerome, Little Roscoe. The one that I always thought was the best besides Jerome was when he acted as Dragonfly Jones the so-called karate master who doesnt seem to be much of a master at all. This brings back the good ol’ days

Weng Weng, no homo

March 18, 2008

Apparently, this is some TV series in the Philippines about the midget version of like James Bond.  I’m sayin, no one is seeing Weng Weng right now though.  Not Batman, not Superman.  Weng Weng is too hard-body.  Plus, this beat knocks lol.

“The art of attack.  He got a razor-blade hat, a little gat, and a rocket pack!  He doesn’t like booze, so never poor him a shot of Scotch.  Just give him some coke and you won’t get popped in the crotch” 


March 17, 2008

Some random pics taken a little while ago, never up’d em…


Kale is high…..

Very high….

Movie of the moment – The Man Who Copied

March 16, 2008

Forunately I can talk about a movie I actually own.  In fact, I’m in the process of watching it now.  (I had to pause it so I can write about it, because I can’t read subtitles and write at the same time.)

Did I say “subtitles”?  Yes I did.  Sadly, that’s a turn off for a number of people.  I feel bad for them because they could miss out on some awesome movies.  Pan’s Labyrinth, The Sea Inside, Amelie, Love Me If You Dare… The list can go on.  But the movie that I really caught onto was The Man Who Copied about a poor photocopier operator who makes photocopies of money.  The story takes place in Brazil, and I’m assuming their paper money isn’t as secure as ours…  But whatever.  Check out the trailer.  It’s in English, but the movie itself is in Portuguese.  Hence, the subtitles.

The main character is a bit of a voyeur, watching people from his window, and falls in love with a girl named Silvia.  I admit, I did too.  Still do.  The story moves along quickly and a lot of things happen.  I rather not say what those things are for the sake of ruining it, and the sake of my own memory because I half of it.  The last time I saw this movie was about two years ago and loved it, then I seeked all over the planet for it and found it and I bought it a month ago, and now I finally have the time to watch it again. 

On an unrelated not, yesterday was the International Day of Pi.  Pi pie!Not the delicious dessert food, but the important mathematical number of a circle’s area or something or another.  The date was March 14th… 3.14… Anyway, I don’t do circles.  Well, not in mathematical equations.  But I do like pie!  And for the record, the movie Pi disturbed me and I do not ever want to see it again.  The guy that made that movie also made Requiem for a Dream (Darren Aronofsky).  However I did like his last movie The Fountain which like his other movies are “out there” and more on the confusing side, this one wasn’t so violent.  Well… not as disturbing I guess.  Equally as weird.  Happy be lated π Day!